Order info

Placing an order via eKohvik:

  1. The simplest and quickest way! Choose a picture of the product you wish to order and send. Click on the image to open a larger picture and a description. If you wish to add the product to the cart, click “Add to cart”. You can view the contents of your cart by clicking “View cart”.
  2. In the cart view, check that all desired products are in the list. Click “Place order”. Separate orders have to be made for separate delivery dates. 

  3. Please be careful when placing an order, as the timely and smooth delivery of purchased products depends on the accuracy of the submitted information.
When you click “Confirm order”, the contents of the order will be displayed once more for you to make changes if necessary.

  5. To make a payment, please choose your preferred bank link and, once the payment is made, be sure to click “TAGASI KAUPMEHE JUURDE” (“BACK TO MERCHANT”) – this will inform us that the payment has been made and your order is accepted.

When we have received your order, a confirmation email will be sent to your mail address. Should it be necessary to specify details, we will contact you by phone or mail. 
If it happens that we have run out of the product you ordered and there is no time to make it, we will inform you of this before shipping out the ordered products. I’m sure we will find a suitable replacement. If you are not satisfied with our offer, you can cancel the order; see Cancelling an order.

Delivery times:

Products can be ordered from 30 days up until 48 hours before the requested delivery time.

Paying for the order:

 The cost of products is shown in the Cart. If you wish the order to be delivered by courier, the cost of courier service will be added to the order.

To place the order in the e-shop and pay via an Internet bank link or by credit card. 

Many delicious cakes available also in our web-shop www.kohvikkomeet.ee  Order online & save 20% off each cake you order.

Delivery of ordered products:

All ordered products will be delivered to cafe Komeet, which is located on the 4th floor of Solaris Centre, Estonia pst 9, Tallinn. You can pick up the products there or use a courier service within Tallinn for an additional fee.

Cancelling an order:

You have the right to cancel your order before the delivery date and your payment will be refunded within 5 working days. An order can only be cancelled on workdays and not later than 12:00 pm (noon) on the day preceding the delivery date, by calling the cafe at 6140090 or sending an email to info@kohvikkomeet.ee. Order cancellations that arrive later than the specified time cannot be accepted.

If the product does not reach the destination due to incomplete information given to the courier, the recipient is responsible for the delivery. Please be sure to fill in your contact data so that we can contact you in case of problems.


Customer data is strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties.

Our cakes from web-shop are for take-away only!

About Komeedist

Café Komeet got its start from a tiny dream of a small café in Tallinn, which has turned into a large and cozy café with the most wonderful view. One could say even the best view in Tallinn!  From this summer, we offer you only local Estonian organic meat, eggs and milk products.

Kohvik Komeet
Kohvik Komeet2 weeks ago
Kohvik Komeet
See esimene piparkookide lõhn toas!

Meie hakkasime enda käsitöö piparkoogi taigent ja piparkooke juba küpsetama.
Tule proovi ka Sina!

Tooted leiad mugavasti meie kohvikust või e-poest; https://kohvikkomeet.ee/pood/



Solaris keskus, 4. korrus,
Estonia pst.9, Tallinn, Estonia

Phone.+372 6 140 090
E-mail: info@kohvikkomeet.ee

Mo-Sa: 11-23 ja Su: 11-21